Dinner in a Bucket

This thing follows me around the internet. Anywhere I go that features a certain kind of ad tile, it’s there. I understand its utilDinner in a Bucketity as a either a consumer quasi-scam, but why me?

“These meals give you the nutrition and calories you need in an emergency situation as well as the hearty, delicious taste of home.”

There are no circumstances I can foresee in which purchasing “Dinner in a Bucket” via the internet would be something I would do. If I decide to actually prepare for the apocalypse rather than just anticipating it with a vague sense of impatience, I will surely be willing to save a few bucks and buy my dinners and buckets separately and pack them myself. On the other hand, if I get to the point where the apocalypse is nigh and I haven’t yet stashed my dinner in buckets, ordering it online is probably not going to help me.