The Reason for the Season: Rare Exports

I am about to tell you the only thing you need to know to ensure a Merry Christmas: Watch Rare Exports. It is a twisted perversion of everything the season finds holy. It’s also quite possibly the greatest Finnish horror film of all time.

Actually, Rare Exports is really more of a dark fantasy, because while it’s genuinely scary at points, what makes it so brilliant are its inventive ideas, which it sells to the hilt. Its weirdly straight-faced disputation of Christmas mythology comes across as alternately hilarious and demented.

Rare Exports does not appear to be available for Netflix streaming, although it was for a while. But it can be rented or purchased as a download at Amazon.

Whether Xmas is working your last nerve or you just need the bejeezus scared out of you, Rare Exports will amuse and delight you and your loved ones in these trying times.

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