About Thomas Roche

I write and edit fiction, mostly erotica, crime noir, thrillers, and hard-boiled fiction, horror, science fiction, fantasy, and apocalyptic fiction. I’m also a training instructor at a nonprofit called San Francisco Sex Information and have been for 20 years. We teach a 60-hour course on human sexuality designed to help trainees identify their judgments and privilege as well as focusing on a fact-based, evidence-based model for sex information and sex education.

Over the years I’ve been a tech blogger, sex blogger, medical writer, marketing manager, catalog writer, public relations director, advertising writer, traffic manager, content release lead, sex educator, transcriptionist, bus driver, magazine editor, book doctor, copy editor, podcast producer and, occasionally, a guitarist and songwriter.

I’ve also put up about a dozen incarnations of Thomasroche.com over the years. This is the latest version, launched (re-launched?) in July 2016. We’ll see what happens with it.

Meanwhile, you can find my books at Amazon style=. You can also Social Media the hell out of me on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus, or see my book reviews at GoodReads and my movie reviews at Letterboxd. Be warned that my responsiveness to and involvement in Facebook, Twitter, etc varies greatly in any given week or month; while I’ve always been a big proponent of social media, lately I find it distracts me from writing, so I often skip it for weeks or even months at a time.

If you’d like to email me, you can do so at skidroche at gmail.com. If you’re interested in having me edit, copy edit, or book doctor your fiction or nonfiction project, please tell me a little about it and I’ll respond with rates. My rates are fairly flexible based on topic and genre.

To say my interests are eclectic is putting it mildly. My most enduring reading and research obsessions include: Organized crime, the histories and cultures of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, Persia/Iran, South Asia, the Caucasus and Siberia, military history, social history, firearms, gender studies and Feminism, medical history, drugs and the pharmaceutical industry (particularly psychiatric medications), sexology and the history of scientific sex research, sex education, sex work, sex toys and sex therapy, law enforcement policy and practice, psychobiology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, particle physics and cosmology, genocide, racism, bladed weapons/fencing/swordfighting, nuclear weapons, nuclear power, and the history of media in general and social media specifically. I’m not anything close to an expert in any of those topics, but I know a certain amount about all of them.