The Panama Laugh

For the record, I’ve written almost 1,000 professionally published short stories and more than 50 published novels, but the vast majority of them have been published under various pseudonyms. Most of my short stories, novels, and single-author collections have been in the genre of erotica but I’ve also written science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime, noir, and espionage. (Some of my erotic works incorporate aspects of some of those genres.)

The Panama Laugh Zombie Apocalypse by Thomas RocheHowever, to date The Panama Laugh is my sole published novel under my own name. If you wanna read me in long-form, this is the place.

The Panama Laugh is a zombie apocalypse set partially in Panama and partially in San Francisco. It is shot through with morbid humor as well as elements from the technothriller and espionage genres. It was originally conceived as a hybrid stylistic pastiche of James Elroy’s American Tabloid and Jim Thompson’s South of Heaven (and others). It didn’t really turn out that way.

The Panama Laugh was, and basically still is, is, intended to be the first book in a trilogy, though for reader’s purposes it is entirely self-contained. Unfortunately, life — and geopolitical events — intervened, and the second volume has not yet materialized. It will someday, though I may have to retcon certain aspects of The Panama Laugh to bring it up to contemporary times. If you know my opinion about retconning, you’ll know how much it pains me to say that.

Anyway, I’m told it’s a hell of a read. You can buy the paperback at Amazon. It is not currently available as an e-book, but an e-book version is forthcoming. How’s that for vague?

For those who have read the novel, the sequel involves more backstory about the biowarfare activities that led to the outbreak of the virus, as well as following the California survivors through a number of crises that may or may not involve a Fairfield-based crew of outlaw bikers in tanks (plus a whole bunch of zombies).

In the meantime, if you’re jonesing for laughing zombies, The Panama Laugh occupies the same world as my YA novelette Deepwater Miracle (forthcoming in September 2016 as an ebook) and my short story St. John of the Throwdown, available in e-book here.